Blackpool Skyline seen from Southport

Blackpool Skyline from SouthportBlackpool is easily seen from Southport on a clear day. It’s only 9 or 10 miles away as the crow flies (or the fool walks), but it’s a circuitous route around the Ribble Estuary to actually get there. So this is the long end of my longest zoom to see the skyline from all the way down on Ainsdale beach. The sky was clouded over bringing a soft light and gentle contrasts. I hunkered down between the marram clumps to place the view in context and balanced the marram, sea, skyline and sky for this shot.

By Dune Prints

Vast swathes of marram grass, miles and miles of sand and an uninterrupted shoreline mark out the Southport coast. Peter Holloway has been photographing the Sefton coast from Southport in the north, to Formby in the south for many years.

Peter Holloway is an information technologist and photographer working in the North West of England.