Tide Right in Southport Coast

Tide Right In

It’s a rare sight to see the tide right in along the Southport and Ainsdale coast (well, twice a day, I suppose, but it goes in and out so fast…). When the tide is right up close to the dunes there is a wonderful simplicity to the view. The sea splits the sky from the marram grass with a sliver of smoothness and light.

This landscape shot was captured during one of those rare moments when the light breaks through the clouds illuminating just the sea.

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Southport Marine Lake Dusk

Marine Dusk

Southport Marine Lake is generally a fairly flat, uninviting expanse of water, but just as the sun dips behind the Marine Way Bridge and the lights come on in the Ramada Hotel and the Funfair the water comes to life with reflections. If you time it right, the sky will have just enough light to balance the electric lights and the reflections on the water. This shot was taken at dusk, just in that magic moment when the light was perfectly balanced.