Southport Pier Sunset

Southport Pier Sunset

As the light fades the length of exposure increases which makes for some fun photography when there are moving objects (or people). I generally take a tripod when I go to Southport Pier so that I can get everything just right, it also means that I can capture moving walkers as the sun sets.

The Southport Pier sunset changes with the time of year, and at this time of year the sun is a little too far south to be spectacular, but I think it was still worth grabbing the shot!

Dark Light along the Leeds Liverpool Canal

Dark Light

It’s been an awful day today! It’s been wet and windy and cold and generally the usual miserable British winter weather. We eventually decided to brave a walk along the Leeds Liverpool canal to give the dog (and us) some much needed fresh air.

The rain stayed away, but it was still blustery and cold. We pulled up our hoods against the wind and put our best feet forward. The light, for the most part was flat and dull behind the blanket of cloud, but just every now and then it would find a chink and remind us that it was still daylight! Looking up the canal towards the light was beautiful, but beyond the camera to capture completely, so I went for the silhouette!

The Fastest Tram in the North West?

The Fastest Tram in the North West?

I was standing in the middle of Southport Pier, catching the last gasps of sunlight as the sun dipped below the horizon. I was using my wide angle lens. I saw the tram, honest, but it was oh so far away through my viewfinder! When the driver started tooting I thought it best to move to one side. I quickly placed the tripod and clicked the shutter. The tram flew past in a blur leaving me with this…

Is it the fastest tram in the North West, or was I just a little bit slower than usual?

Winter Light over the Beach

Winter Light – there’s a softness to the light during winter, even in the middle of the day. There was a lot of cloud cover on this afternoon, but thankfully most of it was behind me, with just enough light to bring out some detail in the foreground…

Winter Light