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Looking back on a year

I know it’s not the end of the year just yet, but before the Christmas images I thought it would be nice to look back. This time last year we were still living in Southport, but already planning for the changes to come. A year on, and I’ve travelled up and down our little province, and sometimes beyond. I’ve visited places that I haven’t visited in decades and I’ve revisited some favourite spots.

One of our new favourite spots is the Ards Peninsula, and Portaferry. During the summer evenings the light there is magical, and the beaches are mostly empty – so please don’t visit, we like them that way! This photo of our trusty little car parked up by the beach sums it up for me – there’s nothing better than travelling the coast of Northern Ireland with a camera to hand and family to share the experience.

Ballyquintin, Ards Peninsula
Ballyquintin, Ards Peninsula

By Dune Prints

Vast swathes of marram grass, miles and miles of sand and an uninterrupted shoreline mark out the Southport coast. Peter Holloway has been photographing the Sefton coast from Southport in the north, to Formby in the south for many years.

Peter Holloway is an information technologist and photographer working in the North West of England.