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Something New

One of the things that I try to do with my landscapes is to reduce the image to a minimal set of components – sky, sea, land. Sometimes I go to great lengths to hide the clutter that surrounds most of our beautiful views. It seems a rather logical progression from that to attempt to produce that minimal set of elements in a graphical way – essentially only placing into the image that which is a strong self contained element. Here’s an image that I produced from a ‘drive by’ photo of Rathlin Island, off the coast of Northern Ireland. I hope you like it đŸ™‚

By Dune Prints

Vast swathes of marram grass, miles and miles of sand and an uninterrupted shoreline mark out the Southport coast. Peter Holloway has been photographing the Sefton coast from Southport in the north, to Formby in the south for many years.

Peter Holloway is an information technologist and photographer working in the North West of England.