Road Trip Audi A4

Road Trip A4

On holiday in Northern Ireland, the sun was shining and my dad had brought his new A4 out to play. We were pottering around the beaches on the Ards Peninsula and seeing the car parked up thought it would make a great image. The beach was slightly below the surface of the road which allowed me to get down low and surround the car in the grass. The farmhouse in the background made a nice contextual reference, and of course an ND grad was used to deepen the sky tones a little.


Southport Street Photography

By Southport’s Ramada Complex

Ramada Plaza Pedestrians

With my latest addition to my camera collection I’ve decided to try a little more street photography. I’ve always felt rather self-conscious pointing a DSLR at passers by, but somehow the diminutive Olympus OM-D E-M10 feels less threatening. So, with a bit of sunshine and plenty of visitors I took a few street shots. I love this space between the Ramada Hotel and the Casino complex. Usually I would try and capture the space without any human interest, but I thought the gap with the pedestrians crossing added some interest to the image.