Northern Ireland Stock Photography

The whole point of using a stock image is to enhance a publication, to add something to your words. The eye is naturally drawn to images – it’s vital to get them right. For most stock use that means an image with negative space – a portion of the image which has little or no detail, that can easily be written over with text that will draw picture and words together.

There is a knack to seeing this sort of image and of photographing it. For Dune Prints, the negative space always beckons – even if there are no words the image is always pregnant with meaning, just waiting for it to be expressed. Stock photography also needs to have a sympathy for the subject matter, attention to detail and a focus on quality. When phone shots, selfies, amateurs and micro-stock sources all compete for your attention, in order to stand out you need to choose wisely.

If you are looking for a particular image of Northern Ireland please do give me a call. If I haven’t got what you want I’m happy to consider commissions. Whatever you do, don’t make do with the wrong image for your publication. After spending creative energy on the words, don’t make do with a sub standard image.

Northern Ireland stock photography is available to license for web or print at reasonable prices direct from Dune Prints, so get in touch to see what we can do. We can even put the words in for you!

Negative Space
Negative Space