Viewing the Storm at Lough Shore

Binocular View.jpg

After the deluge that has been the last few days it was nice to have a dry but cold day on Sunday. It was busy out – everyone had the same idea – go and take a walk while the going is good! We drove out to Lough Shore Park in Antrim to get a breath of fresh air – it was more than a breath! The water was high and the wind was higher! The waves were crashing against the wall and spraying up over anyone foolish enough to go close.

For the bevy of photographers clustered around the edge of the water it was a matter of constantly drying filters to get the shot. Snap, turn, wipe, wait, turn and repeat… but the shots were worth it!

By Dune Prints

Born and bred in Northern Ireland, Peter Holloway now lives in England, and enjoys capturing the beauty of the British landscape from north to south.

- too long in exile