Northern Ireland

Five Fine Art Photos of Northern Ireland


Just a quick snap of the images on the wall in the Larder Cafe in Bangor.

Landscapes Northern Ireland

Fine Art Photo Prints

Minimal Lough Neagh

I’ve now finally bitten the bullet and purchased a larger format printer that will allow me to print 40cm x 30cm images from my home studio. These fit very nicely into standard frames from the likes of IKEA, or can be framed by me for delivery as a package.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the images on this web site, or that you see on Twitter, please just get in touch.

** For a limited time only you can purchase a 40cm x 30cm framed print for £75 plus delivery at cost **

40cm x 30cm  unframed prints are £75 plus delivery

30cm x 21cm  unframed prints are £55 plus delivery

Both the above fit standard IKEA frames – for other frame sizes please drop me a line.


A Soft and Gentle Sunset on the Southport Coast

Soft Light SunsetIn the hope of bagging a bright and colourful sunset full of spectacular reds and golds I tramped off along the big bank that runs from The Plough roudabout around the village of Banks and off towards Hesketh Bank. Running along the edge of this bank, in parts, is a low lying area that fills with water, mainly tidal as this area is all close to sea level. Although fairly small in terms of area, as a foreground element it works really well for my sort of minimal landscapes. I generally use a medium ND graduated filter to balance the sky, but in the case of this image I also took multiple exposures.

It’s an HDR, using 3 shots to slightly improve the dynamic range.  I’ve finally bitten the bullet and got CS6 to go with Lightroom, so I can merge to HDR in PS and then drop the 32 bit file back into LR for processing. Rather than ramp up the contrast on this image I’ve actually lowered the contrast significantly to try and produce a softer view of the sunset – this is probably more like what I actually saw than some of the other images that I will post later on… 😉


Marshside Sunset, Southport

LightnessAlong the coast road that runs from the north of Southport right through to Ainsdale in the south and beyond runs a broad stretch of land that comprises marshland to the north, Marshside, and marram to the south towards Ainsdale. At the very top of this stretch of marshland lies a small pool of water alongside a fence. It’s quite bland in normal circumstances, but, with the right light reflecting off the water quite stunning results are possible.

This image was taken at sunset, through the fence, with the sunlight reflecting off the surface of the water. A long exposure was used to smooth the water.


Through the Marram Grass, Ainsdale

Wide View of Ainsdale beach near Southport

The wide open spaces of the Southport to Ainsdale coast are wonderful for a brisk walk, or for horse riding, kite flying/racing and many other pursuits, but for the photographer it can present its own problems. How do you hide all the cars and vans parked along the beach? What do you use for foreground interest. How do you get close enough to the sea? Really, the tide goes out so far that it’s vital to know when the tide is in if you want water in shot!

One solution I have discovered is to use a slightly longer zoom and bring the grass to the sea…